Top Android Apps 2023 are ‘must have’ apps for you to know. Currently, applications on cell phones are one of the things that can help us in our daily activities. There are even some applications that we need.

Applications that are widely used are certainly applications that are trending or it could be because they are very useful. For that, you need to know.

Top Android Apps 2023 with Various Useful Features

Top Android Apps 2023 for You to Know

Nowadays almost everyone has Android. Android has become a necessity. You could even say that many people depend on Android.

Not only for communicating, Android can also be used for selling, designing, creating content, and much more. For that, the role of the android is very important in life.

Android’s role is quite important because you can access many applications with Android. Lots of useful applications that you can choose from. Following are the Top Android apps of 2023.

Design and Art Application

The top design app in 2023 goes to Sketchbook. Sketchbook does have enough features to be used to design. Now you can design using only a smartphone.

This application is quite easy to use. For those of you who like to draw, choosing this application is the right choice.


The top communication app in 2023 is Telegram. There are lots of advantages to this one application. One of them is cloud storage.

With cloud storage, of course, you can store unlimited media. Being able to use it on a variety of devices is also an advantage of Telegram. In addition, you can also send files with large sizes.


The top entertainment app in 2023 is Netflix. The easy access that Netflix offers is one of the reasons many people use this application. However, the most important thing is that you can watch a complete variety of film genres.

Watching movies is more fun than using Netflix. The subscription fee can be said to be quite affordable. For that, Netflix deserves to be the top entertainment application.


The top financial app in 2023 is Cash App. This one application has become quite famous because it offers many conveniences. You can receive and transfer money using this one application.

Services from one application are not free. In other words, you have to pay for transactions using this application. However, it certainly matches the features offered.

So, those are the Top Android apps for 2023 that you should know about. You have to be able to make the best use of technology. One way is to choose the most useful application.