Android customization tips are necessary for you to know. There are several ways you can do to customize your Android phone. These Android tips you can do when you are using a new cellphone. If you are using a new cellphone, of course, you will adjust various adjustments so that you are comfortable using it.

Android Customization Tips, Make More Comfort When Using

Various Android Customization Tips For New Phones

New Android phones are indeed one of the fun things for their owners. The owners will feel happy if they get a new HP after waiting for it for a long time. When using a new Android phone, of course, it will adjust various adjustments so that it is comfortable to use it.

Several settings are important for you to make when using a new HP. Some of these settings certainly make it easier for you to use your cell phone in your daily activities. Here are some ways to make adjustments to your Android smartphone:

First Create a Google Account

To customize your Android first, you can create a Google account. to access various applications more easily, you need to create a Google account first on an Android phone. With a Google account, you can access various applications such as contacts, calendars, email, YouTube, to Google Maps.

If you already have a Google account, then just enter first in the smartphone settings. However, if you don’t have a Google account, you need to create one first.

Restore Photo and Video Backups

The next Android customization tips is to restore a backup of photos or videos. If you’ve moved your photos and videos to cloud storage, you’ll need to restore them to get them. For example, if you back up these photos and videos on Google Drive, you can enter the Google Drive application to restore photos.

You can download various photos and videos to get back on the Android device storage. That way you don’t have to worry anymore if you lose important photos and videos.

Remove Unimportant Apps

You can further customize Android by removing unnecessary applications. Some HP manufacturers will set default applications on the new phone. If you don’t need the application then you can immediately delete it. Deleting unnecessary apps can help you get more storage on your phone. So that the use of HP in daily activities can be smoother and more comfortable.

Those were some Android customization tips that you can do. By making adjustments to Android phones, of course, the use of mobile phones can be safer and more comfortable.