Not only do iOS devices continue to outperform many devices in terms of cameras and built-in modes, but now Android phone cameras are equipped with better tools. In fact, you can take stunning photos almost the same as a DSLR camera. To take amazing pictures, you can follow the following Android photography tricks.

Android Photography Tricks, A Short Way to Take Amazing Pictures

Android Photography Tricks, A Short Way to Take Amazing Pictures

Taking good photos on a smartphone is not as easy as just pointing and taking pictures, because there are many brands of Android smartphones available. That’s why you need to know the secret to taking great pictures with your phone. Check out the tips below to improve your photography game on your Android smartphone.

Using Gridlines

The first way to enhance photos is to activate the camera gridlines. This will release a series of lines on your smartphone’s camera screen. The photographic principle of the rule of thirds can break an image into thirds, both vertically and horizontally. When you place points of interest at the intersections of grid lines or along the lines, the photo is more balanced, even, and the viewer can interact with the photo more naturally.

Using HDR Mode

Then, you can also use HDR or high dynamic range mode. This feature can help balance dark and light elements in photos with high contrast. This can give a more creative or artistic impression to the photo.

But this feature is usually used to produce an image similar to what you see with your eyes. HDR can retain detail in darker areas and shadows as well as in bright areas. Usually on Android you need to manually adjust the HDR settings.

Focus Only On One Object

There are many of the best photos that cover only one subject. So, you can use these Android photography tricks when shooting with one subject, you can spend extra time preparing the shot. Some photographers say that the subject should not fill the entire frame. Two-thirds of the entire photo should be negative space, which will help the subject stand out.

Using Natural Light

Sometimes it’s hard to find a photo with an Android smartphone that takes a good shot when using flash. Flash often makes photos look overexposed, can even negatively discolors, and makes human objects appear to have dull skin. You can take advantage of natural light sources to overcome this. You can play with shadows or create a silhouette with a light source around it.

Adjusting Camera Focus

For clearer shots, you need to adjust by focusing the camera lens. You do this by opening the camera app and tapping the screen where you want to zoom in. If you want to take a moving picture, you can tap the screen to fix the camera’s focus before taking a picture.

Because by making sure to have as much focus as possible, you can shift the focus of the shot with all the content in the icon that you focused on earlier. Thus a brief review of Android photography tricks that you can try.