Did you know that Android phones are much more powerful than you realize? Even these devices have more powerful processing power than mainframes in the past few years. Therefore, you need unlocking Android potential to maximize the use of Android as a partner in daily life and work.

Unlocking Android Potential to Maximize Cellphone Performance

Unlocking Android potential, Tips for Unlocking Potential to Maximize Cellphone Performance

There’s a lot you need to know about Android’s hidden features. Indeed, it is possible that some of the tips will not be the same between one Android and another. Therefore, you also need to see if the features or options that will be discussed below are owned by your Android phone.

Reduce or Increase Font Size

If you feel uncomfortable with the font size on your cellphone, there are options to reduce or increase the font size on Android phones. Go to the Display menu under Settings and select the font size option. A number of Android phones provide a choice of font sizes with different views. So you can feel comfortable when viewing fonts on the cellphone screen.

Connect to a Mouse, SD Card Reader or Keyboard

This may sound impossible, but you can connect all three of these things using the charging port. Later you will need to connect the port to the peripheral with an inexpensive USB OTG cable.

This USB OTG has a micro-USB male jack that you can connect to a female USB port that can connect to mouse devices, flash drives, and even mice. Even though the phone can indeed put out enough electricity to power other devices, it’s still best to use an active USB hub to connect it.

Call Blocking

The call blocking feature may already be owned by the majority; therefore, you can use it to block any number from calling you. You can do this unlocking Android potential easily through the call settings.

Unlocking Your Phone with a Bluetooth Device

Phone screen lock plays a role in protecting your data from prying eyes. To type in the password may be time-consuming. Smart Lock is here to help connect trusted devices with your phone via Bluetooth, which keeps the phone unlocked as long as the device is connected to your phone.

Find Lost Phone

If your phone is lost or stolen, you can now easily find it, lock it, or make it ring using Android’s device manager. You can get it with the related application or web. You can also connect it to Google.

Turn Old Phone into Security Camera

This last tip requires an old device that still works. You can install a third app on your Android that you want to use as the camera. Then follow the instructions to activate and connect it as a camera to other devices. Those are some ways you can try to unlocking Android potential. Good luck.