Everyone definitely uses a smartphone for various needs. Just like the differences between smartphone brands, there are also differences in the operating systems on smartphones. Nowadays there are many operating systems available for smartphones. In the following, we will discuss Android vs iOS comparison that you need to know before choosing an operating system on a smartphone.

Android vs iOS Comparison, Which Operating System is Best

Android vs iOS Comparison, Which Operating System is Best

An operating system is a software program that functions to manage hardware and software resources on a mobile device or computer. The OS functions as a bridge between the user and the hardware. So that users can interact with the system and run various types of applications. This time we will discuss the differences between Android OS and iOS.

What is Android and iOS

Android is a mobile operating system developed by Google. This system can be for tablets, smartphones, smart watches and other mobile devices. Android offers a customizable user interface. Meanwhile iOS is an OS developed by Apple Inc. specifically for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and other Apple devices.


iOS devices offer Apple’s Retina screens which are known to have excellent color accuracy and sharpness. Meanwhile Android offers OLED or AMOLED screens with bright colors and deep blacks. A number of Android devices offer a higher screen-to-body ratio with a bezel-less design.

User Interface

iOS emphasizes consistency, convenience, and simplicity for its users with a minimalist design. The interface around the application icon grid and is easily accessible to the user. This tool focuses more on a consistent design language across its devices.

Meanwhile, Android offers a customizable and flexible interface for its users. The interface includes home screen launcher options, icons and widgets.

Hardware or Processor

The next Android vs iOS comparison is about hardware. Apple’s A series processors are known for their high performance with dedicated graphics processors that offer extraordinary capabilities. On the other hand, Android devices use various processors from various manufacturers, including Samsung and Qualcomm. Several Android devices offer superior processors to rival Apple’s A series chips.

Security Features

iOS and Android are relatively secure operating systems, but both have different approaches to security. Apple has a good reputation for taking security seriously. Some even mention that iOS is generally a more secure operating system than Android.

How to Download Apps

iOS and Android have their own app stores, each with its own advantages. iOS has an Apple Store or App Store, while Android has the Google Play Store. Android allows users to download applications from third parties, while iOS does not.

Those are some Android vs iOS comparisons that you need to know before deciding to buy a smartphone with which operating system.